Google Apps @ MCS

Parent consent for student use of Google Apps

If you haven't done so, please sign the Google Permission Form (to be sent home during the first month of each school year) and return it to the school office.

Students need to know: Students will follow school policies for appropriate use when using Internet based services like Web 2.0 applications & Google Apps. These services are considered an extension of the school’s network. Students have no expectation of privacy in their use as school and service administrators have the right and ability to monitor user accounts for policy and security enforcement. We also give your parents the right to access your account at any time, and for any reason as part of our commitment to transparency and security.
Parents need to know: Students will not have access to email through their Mountain Christian School google apps account. We feel that google docs, our homework pages and the good old telephone provide ample opportunity for students to connect and collaborate with teachers. 

What IS Google Apps for Education? 

Google Apps is a collection of free online applications. These applications do not reside on the computer, itself, but rather they are accessed through a web browser. This is considered working in the "cloud". The benefit of this structure allows flexibility in accessing documents and projects from ANY computer with Internet access. Staff and students can access their school documents from the lab, the classroom, the public library and even from home!
Google Apps for Education is a special setup of the popular Google Apps, tailored specifically for educational institutions. For example, accounts are managed by Mountain Christian School (and not by Google) and advertisements are all turned off. Google Apps for Education allows school districts to carve off a special Google domain/area for their staff and students to create, collaborate and share ideas online between each other, as well as provide the framework for sharing across districts.