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We believe that missions is more than a 2-week (or twenty year) excursion that one takes to another country, or even another city. We believe that the heart of the matter, missions is really a way for us to be in the world where we seek to show the Love of Jesus Christ, which we receive, to all people.

At MCS, we seek to develop our students' sense of mission as followers of Jesus. With a strong emphasis on "process", we place a high priority on creating an environment that will foster students' spiritual growth in the social aspects of their lives.

We model this from Paul's instructions to be warm, kind and patient with others (1 Thessalonians 5:14), to bear with one another in love and forgive one another when necessary (Ephesians 4:2 & Colossians 3:13).

Our missions focus also seeks to help students re-imagine what serving others can look like in their own day-to-day lives as well as on the mission field.

Finally, We aim to provide opportunities for students to holistically experience the Gospel of Jesus, in giving and receiving  through the school's academics as well as through the school's social life. Our aim is to allow God to produce in us a gospel-centered sensitivity to others, a desire to serve, and the ability to listen and be open to see and recognize Jesus wherever Jesus is (Acts 17:20-30).

Getting into Missions
Missions, at its core, is based on an individual's ability and interest for and with people. You can be highly gifted, skilled and talented, however, if you do not have a heart for people you may get more easily frustrated and will aggravate your team as well as those you came to serve. It is therefore important that you honestly assess your social skills, maturity and spiritual gifts though prayer, study and reflection in order to allow God to grow you in these areas.

Serving others is primarily about responding to human need, and acknowledging that the worst kind of need is the kind that happens when people find themselves alone. As a school community, we want to respond in particular to the issue of poverty, both local and global, physical and spiritual. This will be the emphasis of our missions outreach. It is the framework that we will use to pour out our skills, experiences, resources and faith.

Program and Courses
The Missions 11/12 course, when offered, will include various opportunities to study, practice and reflect on the mission God has for us in Dawson Creek and abroad.

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