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Internet Integrity & Safety


Encouraging and promoting Internet integrity and safety is the responsibility of both parents and educators. As a Christian school, we are committed to ensuring that while your child is at school, they will be protected from Internet dangers. We are also committed to educating students on the inherent dangers of the Internet as well as appropriate use of this resource.

There is no question that our students are active on the Internet through search sites like google, bing and yahoo, and on social networks such as Facebook, My Space, and YouTube. The internet is now being dubbed "The internet of things" or "The internet of Everything". Net technology is constantly changing, and can be extremely useful when used appropriately. However, when used inappropriately these technologies can be harmful and even dangerous. Questions should be raised about how schools and parents can respond to the ever-changing world that is the Internet. What can we (administrators, teachers, parents, guardians) do to help educate the next generation about appropriate and inappropriate uses of Internet technology? How can we respond responsibly to our culture's growing reliance on the Internet?

The internet and Our Students

At MCS, we are dedicated to promoting appropriate use of internet technologies with modelled behaviour. We will conduct ourselves according to our professional responsibilities as BC teachers and our responsibility as Christians in regard to technology use. We will also act decisively in response to the inappropriate use of technology - and we will use these moments as 'teachable moments' first and foremost. 

There are a multitude of resources available for us so that we can teach ourselves how to help our students and children. Below is some information to get you started - click on the links to watch videos, or read other resources that provide more in-depth information:

Mountain Christian school is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for blocking unsafe and unwanted websites from computers, smartphones and laptops. This technology still gives students the flexibility to use school and personal computers for research and assignments.

Web Safety Information & Tips for Parents/Guardians

For more information about web safety, http://www.enough.org/ is a website about some of the the dangers of the Internet. Please talk to your children about the Internet and Internet integrity.

There are a multitude of resources available for us, so that we can teach ourselves how to help our students and children. Below is some information to get you started - click on the links to watch videos, or read other resources that provide more in-depth information:

General Tips:
  • Choose a good Password, and do not share it with anyone (not even your best friend!) 
  • Make sure your Facebook Privacy settings are well set-up for you.
  • Understand that nothing is anonymous on computers or cell-phones - everything you do can be tracked back to you.
  • Report bullying behaviour towards you and others. Print the page, and give it to a parent, teacher, counsellor or administrator.
  • Avoid inappropriate websites that could compromise your walk with God.
  • Find out what social networks your child is active on, and join the same network.
  • Require your child to be your friend on that network.
  • Monitor the amount of time that your child spends on Facebook and other social networking sites. The best kind of communication is face-to-face, not keyboard-to-keyboard.
  • Make sure your child knows how to "report" inappropriate on-line behaviour both to the network and to an adult they trust.

Links and Resources

  • CyberNetrix is a great interactive website for youth.
  • Parent Tips for Facebook
  • Safe Eyes, net-nanny and OpenDNS are award winning Internet filters that can filter out multiple categories of websites and content. Parents are encouraged to have a good Internet filter on all home computers to protect your entire family from inappropriate and/or dangerous content.
  • Here is a list of the top 10 internet filters from 2010
  • If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, the adblock plus add-on is a great free tool for blocking unwanted advertisements.
  • Use Firefox or Google Chrome along with the Adblock Plus extension to have most ads removed from the websites you visit.

Be actively involved in your child's on-line life.