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Mission and Vision

To provide students with the opportunity for academic excellence in the context of Christian discipleship.

Mission Statement
"Mountain Christian School is committed to supporting Christian families in the Academic, Personal, Social, Physical, and Spiritual development of their children by using Biblical principles with the goal of graduating responsible, growing disciples of Jesus Christ who will glorify God through a life of service.

Mountain Christian School is partnered with both ACSI and the British Columbia Ministry of Education, which places us in a unique position to bring students the high standards of provincial education, while at the same time modeling the apostle Paul's charge to "bring all thoughts captive to Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5). Providing access to provincial level education means that students can graduate grade 12 with a dogwood diploma, which will enable them to transition into any college or university nation-wide.

Student Success
The highlight of Mountain Christian School is the Jesus-view we bring to every course, and every lesson, every day. Students are required to take bible studies each year in order to Graduate from MCS, but we also strive diligently to infuse every aspect of school life with Christ-centred humility, love, hope, joy and peace. It is thus our hope and joy to see students come into maturity in their whole lives: spiritual, personal, academic, social, and physical.

Missional Living
We believe that Christians are constantly discovering and rediscovering what it means to be sent by Jesus into the world to spread the good news of his resurrection and offer of unconditional forgiveness. One of the implications of our acceptance of the good news of Jesus is that we are now sent out by his authority as his forgiven children. Our responsibility and our mission then, is to make every effort to articulate the good news in our own city and to love God by loving our neighbours in even the most simple ways that we love ourselves: clothing, shelter, food and companionship. We thus encourage our students to model Jesus' love to all people, and to lead as servants through humility and humbleness of heart. As students enter their leadership year of grade 12, this goal is solidified in their participation in community outreach initiatives and short-term international and/or national missions opportunities.

Extra Curricular
We aim to provide our students with a variety of extra curricular actives in Worship Arts, Basketball, Volleyball and Drama. These extra curricular activities allow students to develop socially, physically, and spiritually and thus are able to reinforce student development in these areas in the classroom. We are very excited about the programs we offer, and we know that students will benefit greatly from involvement!

Academic Integrity
At Mountain Christian School in both our elementary and high school programs, education means fostering and growing a spiritually tuned, critical and open-minded pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. We will challenge students and provide them with tools to enable them to respond in a Christ-like way to a rapidly changing world. In a broader sense, our educational vision is intended to build a foundation for spiritual, social, cultural and recreational interests that will help students move toward meaningful personal and professional lives. Academically, our aim is to enable students to think deeply and critically, to learn gracefully, and to gain lasting self-confidence so that they may have both the ability and the desire to be life-long learners.

At Mountain Christian School, our goal of high quality education is reflected in the following commitments:

  1. To teach and challenge students within a positive, safe learning environment;
  2. To maintain high academic standards through our school's policies and procedures;
  3. To foster excellence in teaching; 
  4. To encourage scholarship, research, performance and artistic endeavours within our staff and students.
  5. To guide students by helping them biblically interpret the world around them with grace, peace, love, inclusiveness and a transformed mind and heart.